Covid-19 Pandemic: A untold story


The COVID-19 pandemic shook not only me, but the whole world because of its presence, in the initial disguise, people could not understand what it was and how it could be harmful to people’s health. Due to the government’s tireless efforts, people understood the detailed information and awareness about this disease and how to keep themselves alert for its prevention.

The mind used to get upset seeing the horrific scenes shown in news media channels. There was a need to be alert about our own safety and the concern of our loved ones and all the family members followed all the precautions in this regard.
It was important to wear a mask at all times, use sanitizer and follow social distancing.
Suddenly the situation started getting worse. Due to the growing Cases, a situation of lockdown has arisen all over India. During this, everyday life was as if imprisoned in a room.

The Go Corona Go campaign run by Prime Minister Modi worked to infuse energy in all of us.
The building next to our house was sealed and during this time there was no source of income, forcing us to survive on whatever money was left with us, although still, the case decreased due to vaccination. Employment and income, It’s walking on its old track.

On the first web, the situation was a little better, but due to the second web of Covid-19, the infection of this disease was seen spreading among many people. The news of the lack of oxygen and the death of people started increasing, in this situation, life started looking scarier, what would be the future?vaccination

Due to the arrival of the vaccine of covid-19, there was a ray of hope among the people, and people were seen running towards the vaccination center for the safety of themselves and the family.
The situation became more pathetic for those who had gone to their homes after losing their jobs.


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